Support DeKalb County Bus Driver fired for organizing!

Last April, after a three day sick-out by bus drivers in DeKalb County, Georgia, 7 drivers were fired for their alleged involvement in organizing. 

After a hard-fought battle, ALL 7 drivers were given their jobs back.

But the battle isn’t over. Drivers’ working conditions have not improved one bit– in fact, drivers recently discovered that they are being paid WAY below industry standards, some as low as 20k a year for FULL TIME 12 HOUR A DAY JOBS!

Just last week, one of those 7 drivers who were targeted after the sickout was AGAIN fired for alleged involvement in organizing activities.

James Haggins was fired for supposedly handed a coworker a flyer for an event while off the clock at a gas station, and was told that DeKalb School employees are not allowed to hand out flyers, even when they are not working.

If this isn’t a case of CLEAR retaliation, we don’t know what is…

We need EVERYONE who can to call in to demand that James Haggins be fully reinstated at his job. (Note that the district offices are open during standard business hours on weekdays.)

  • Superintendent of Dekalb County Schools, Dr. Stephen Green: 678-676-0010
  • Interim COO, Dr. Daniel Drake: 678-676-1446
  • Dekalb County Schools main line: 678-676-1200

Here’s a script you can use when you call:

“Hi. My name is ______, and I’m calling about the retaliatory firing of James Haggins, the bus driver in district 144. I am extremely concerned about the violation of free speech that is taking place at Dekalb County Schools.  The public is aware that the bus drivers have been fighting for better working conditions, fairer wages and retirement for years.  I understand that Mr. Haggins was targeted due to his alleged involvement with organizing for bus drivers’ rights. I also understand that James was one of the drivers that the school board attempted to fire in retaliation for last April’s sickout, and that he has faced retaliation on the job since his reinstatement in August I am calling to demand that he again be fully reinstated at his job with no further retaliation.”