The Southern Coordinating Committee is a voluntary coordinating and decision-making body that unites branches and locals of the IWW, General Defense Committee, and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee in the Southeastern United States. Founded in 2017, the SCC helps to coordinate work and fosters local initiatives to organize workplaces, incarcerated workers, and our communities.


The following IWW General Membership Branches and GDC Locals are affiliated with the SCC:

  • Atlanta GDC
  • Atlanta GMB
  • Baltimore GMB
  • Central Florida GDC
  • Gainesville GMB
  • Mid-Atlantic GDC
  • Raleigh-Durham GMB
  • Richmond GMB
  • Tampa Bay GMB
  • Tar River GDC
  • Washington, D.C. GMB
  • West Virginia GMB