IWW Southern Coordinating Committee Bylaws

****Revised at Southern Delegates Meeting — Jan. 20th & 21st, 2018.*****

1. Structure

a.) Definition

The IWW Southern Coordinating Committee (SCC) shall be a coordinating and decision-making body voluntarily uniting branches and locals of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), General Defense Committee (GDC), and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) in the Southern US: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

b.) Organizations

i. Branches and Locals

Any chartered branch or local of the IWW, GDC, or IWOC in the region outlined above may voluntarily vote to affiliate with the SCC.

ii. Local Initiatives

Local Initiatives shall be local groups of three or more IWW members, including at least one delegate, who are not yet ready to apply for an IWW Branch Charter. Local Initiatives may voluntarily vote to affiliate with the SCC.

2. Officers

Eligibility and Term of Office

​All officers of the SCC must be members of the IWW, GDC, orIWOC. Officers who are members of the GDC or IWOC must meet the eligibility requirements for IWW membership, regardless of membership status. All officers except for Regional Delegates shall be elected at the Southern Regional Organizing Assembly (SROA) and hold office from the close of that Assembly to the opening of the next one, or until they resign or are recalled. Regional Delegates shall be elected by their respective Branch or Local. Branches and locals are encouraged to elect representatives for the period from one SROA to the next, but may choose to elect representatives for different intervals. The regional membership is empowered to nominate an assisting team for any of the officers, to be announced at the next Coordinating Committee or Southern Delegate meeting.


Any affiliated Branch or local may move to recall an officer of the SCC. The question shall be voted on at the next Southern Delegate Meeting and decided by majority vote.

a. Secretary-Treasurer


The SCC Secretary-Treasurer shall work with and manage funds for the SCC, arrange for SCC meetings, and assist with the proper functioning of the SCC. Eligibility​ The Secretary-Treasurer must be a member of an SCC-affiliated IWW branch. Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer must be made by the branch they are affiliated with. The elected Secretary-Treasurer’s branch will act as the clearing-house branch (CB) for SCC funds.

b. Anti-Oppression Committee


The Anti-Oppression Committee shall work to ensure that all bodies affiliated with the SCC maintain cultures free of oppressive behavior, that organizing within the US South confronts non-class forms of oppression, and shall be a resource for the regional membership to assist with resolving conflict and to advocate against oppressive behavior. Committee members shall be non-men. The committee shall also work closely with the IWW Gender Equity Committee and any other relevant bodies of the IWW in support of this mission.

Nomination ​

Each SROA shall include at least one anti-oppression caucus meeting. This meeting shall consider nominations for the Anti-Oppression Committee and make recommendations to the SROA.

c. Organizing Coordinator


The Organizing Coordinator shall work with all bodies affiliated with the SCC to assist them with local workplace organizing, and to coordinate in the case of organizing campaigns that have a regional scope. The Organizing Coordinator shall also work closely with the IWW Organizing Department to support organizing in the US South.

d. GDC Coordinator


The GDC Coordinator shall maintain close contact with all affiliated GDC Locals as well as members who may be trying to form new GDC Locals. Nomination ​Each SROA shall include at least one GDC caucus meeting. This meeting shall consider nominations for the GDC Coordinator and make a recommendation for the position to the SROA.

e. IWOC Coordinator


The IWOC Coordinator shall maintain close contact with all affiliated IWOC groups as well as members who may be trying to form new IWOC Groups. Nomination ​Each SROA shall include at least one IWOC caucus meeting. This meeting shall consider nominations for the IWOC Coordinator and make a recommendation for the position to the SROA.

f. Regional Delegates


Regional Delegates shall represent their branch or local on the SCC, and shall also report back on decisions made by the SCC.

3. Financing

The SCC will be financed by affiliated bodies as follows:
  • ​​IWW branches shall contribute funds according to the number of delegates they were allotted at the most recent North American IWW Convention.
  • ​​Branches that were chartered before signing on to SCC shall contribute $100 per year plus $50 for each delegate they were allotted past the first, to a maximum of $300 (maximum of 4 delegates per branch).
  • ​​Newly chartered branches (NCB) shall only pay $50 in dues per year until such time that their amount of collected dues allows them to pay to the SCC the normal dues rate of $100.
  • ​​The SCC shall appoint a member to serve as a liaison to the NCB. This member shall report the NCB’s activities on a regular basis to the CB and will help determine a time at which point the NCB will pay the normal dues rate of $100.
  • ​​GDC Locals and IWOC groups shall contribute $25 per year.
  • Local initiatives shall report through the SCC. The portion of dues that would be kept as a branch share shall be set aside as the contribution to the SCC. All contributions from Branches, GDC Locals, and IWOC groups are due January 1​, or whenever the body is accepted as an SCC affiliate.
  • The CB can appoint a committee as deemed necessary to allocate SCC funds to conduct organizer trainings (OT), GDC trainings, other direct action or educational trainings, and SCC events as needed.
  • ​​The CB is also responsible for using funds to purchase materials for revolutionary agitation (e.g., flyers, posters, literature, etc.).
  • ​​Member branches and groups affiliated with the SCC can petition the CB for petty cash for purposes other than those defined above. Members of affiliated branches requesting funds for purposes not defined above must complete and submit a written proposal to the SCC for approval.
  • ​​The CB can issue dues assessment stamps and help allocate funds for regional retreats and social events.
  • The southern delegates or members of the SROA can vote to allocate emergency funds to member Branches as needed.

4. Meetings

a. Southern Regional Organizing Assembly

The SCC shall plan a Southern Regional Organizing Assembly (SROA) to take place every two years, during the summer of odd-numbered years. The SROA will be open to any member of an affiliated body, or any at-large IWW member in the US South. Proposals for the SROA shall be submitted at least 30 days prior to the SROA, but emergency proposals may be added by majority vote. The SROA shall be the highest decision-making body of the SCC and shall also include workshops, panels, and discussions on topics of interest to IWW, GDC, and IWOC members.

b. Southern Delegate Meetings

The SCC shall organize Southern Delegate Meetings (SDMs) approximately every 9 months, such that approximately 2 SDMs shall occur between each SROA. Affiliated IWW branches may send delegates equivalent to the number which they were allotted at the last IWW Convention. Affiliated GDC or IWOC locals may each send one delegate. Branches and locals may send additional members with voice but no vote. Proposals may be sent by a branch or local at least30 days prior to the meeting. Proposals which were sent less than 30 days prior, including recall proposals, may be added to the agenda by majority vote. Southern Delegate Meetings have oversight over the SCC officers and shall ensure that they are carrying out their duties diligently, or instruct them as needed.

c. Coordinating Committee Meetings

The SCC shall organize Coordinating Committee Meetings over electronic media at least once every two months. All regional officers and Delegates shall have voice and vote in Coordinating Committee Meetings. Proposals shall be made at least 7 days prior to the meeting, but emergency proposals may be added by majority vote. The SCC may also communicate electronically between meetings.

5. Bylaws Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at the SROA by majority vote. Proposals to amend the bylaws shall be treated the same as any other proposal.