About the SCC

The South Is Burning

This blog is intended as a resource to share news about struggles for freedom around the Southern US, to spread inspiration and information around the South, so that we can continue to raise the temperature of our struggles until we win.

The IWW’s Southern Coordinating Committee

The IWW is an anti-racist, feminist, anti-capitalist union for all working class people. We organize directly with our coworkers, without relying on the government. We are fighting for emancipation: a world without bosses, borders, prisons, or cops.

During recent years we have been growing quickly throughout the US South, organizing among workers in education, food service, transportation, and the entertainment industry, as well as incarcerated workers.

We currently have branches or groups in the following cities:

Want to organize, but don’t see a branch near you? Get in touch, and we’ll help you get started!